What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?

Do you worry every so often about your financial future? Do you occasionally wonder how best to ensure financial freedom in your life? A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) may be the best answer to this question. With a CGA from Church Extension Plan (CEP), you can receive fixed payments throughout your lifetime.

Benefits of a CGA

A CGA allows you to make a gift to CEP and receive a lifetime stream of income in return. In addition, your CGA will make a lasting difference, as together we help new and emerging ministries reach their communities for the Kingdom. Take a look at the list below for benefits of a CGA:

  • Stable payments for life (even if investment markets are unreliable)
  • Satisfaction in knowing your contribution will make a difference in ministry
  • A substantial income tax charitable deduction on this year’s return
  • Partially tax-free payments during your life

Learn More

It’s time to ease your worried mind. There are multiple ways to provide financial security for your future, and a CGA can be a particularly excellent method for accomplishing this goal.

Learn more about CGAs or other planned giving options by contacting Darren Mullenix at (800) 821-1112 ext. 178 or dmullenix@cepnet.com.