Ministry Stories

Foundations Church

Foundations Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma had been growing despite their old location not working for them as efficiently as they needed. And, despite being in the middle of the pandemic, Pastor Justin Graves worked with CEP to say, “Let’s build a church. In the middle of a pandemic, let’s build a church.

Horizon Community Church

While Pastor Stan Russell had a vision for his church, he realized that God is the pacemaker that sets the speed for when and how to move forward.

The Hill Ministries

After a year long recovery from a back injury, Pastor Tracy Brooks talks about how God called him to ministry in Shawnee, Kansas.

Coastal Church

A church in Daphne, Alabama grew from 300 to 800 in only six months. Now with almost 2,000 and four services, they have a mission to see the Gulf Coast saved.

Cornerstone Church

A church in Statesville, NC, that had plateaued in their growth, embraced change and is now a touchstone for their community.

True North Church

In Fairbanks, Alaska with two village churches and a vision for dozens more, True North Church is growing because of their intentional mission to raise their congregation’s evangelism temperature.