Shadow Rock Church

Despite many obstacles, including a stage IV colon cancer diagnosis, a church and it’s leadership team in La Quinta, California believe that there is much more to their church’s story to come.

Coastal Church

A church in Daphne, Alabama grew from 300 to 800 in only six months. Now with almost 2,000 and four services, they have a mission to see the Gulf Coast saved.

Cornerstone Church

A church in Statesville, NC, that had plateaued in their growth, embraced change and is now a touchstone for their community.

What do you see?

At CEP, your vision is our focus. We are privileged to serve leaders like these as they pursue God’s call and expand His Kingdom.

Foundations Church

Despite the uncertain and the unknown, an Oklahoma pastor trusts God’s calling and plants a thriving church in Tulsa.

City Church

Once bound by a $28,000 monthly lease, this southern ministry now pays just $7,800 and has freedom to focus on the Gospel.