About Us

At Church Extension Plan, our mission is to build relationships, empower ministry, and proclaim the Gospel of our Lord.

Church Extension Plan is a ministry providing premier financial and administrative services to the churches and districts of the Assemblies of God and their constituents, assisting them in fulfilling their vision of spreading the Gospel.

Our President

For decades, Church Extension Plan (CEP) has emphasized the importance of building relationships. Every church, pastor, donor, and investor we have worked with or seek to work with has a story to tell — one that is unique and valuable. As we listen to men and women share their stories, we make a real and lasting connection and are reminded that together we all play a part in a much larger story.

At CEP, this is our mission. We exist to make God known, to share His story. In every decision we make, our heart is to see the Kingdom built.

Looking ahead to the future of our ministry, we want to continue to equip leaders and to come alongside them as a resource and a partner. As we do so, new stories of impact are unleashed, ministries are empowered to declare the Gospel, and the Kingdom of God grows greater.

As president of CEP, I invite you to join us in this mission. We have been privileged to work with more than 3,000 churches and 20,000 investors, and I encourage you read their stories and witness the power of our ever-present Lord. Everything we are and everything we have achieved, we owe to Him. To God be the glory!

Be blessed,

Peter F. Clements
President, Church Extension Plan

Our History

Church Extension Plan was founded in 1950 by the Superintendent of the Oregon District of the Assemblies of God. Today, we are organized and operated by member districts of the Assemblies of God.

At the heart of each of our transactions is a spirit of win-win partnership, which often takes us “outside the box” of a traditional financial institution. We’re encouraged to stretch with (and for) a ministry organization that requires a creative financial solution whenever it is fiscally prudent to do so. We are blessed to develop these partnerships through our service to districts and churches, families and individuals.

Board of Directors

  • Rev. Peter F. Clements
    Church Extension Plan
  • Supt. Bret Allen
    Northern CA-NV District
  • Supt. Manuel A. Alvarez
    Spanish Eastern District
  • Supt. H. Franklin Cargill
    Oklahoma District
  • Supt. Doyle A. Fulkes
    Southern Idaho District
  • Supt. Jesse L. Galindo
    Northern Pacific Latin American District
  • Supt. Donald G. Gifford
    Indiana District
  • Supt. Richard M. Guerra
    Southern California (SoCal) Network
  • Supt. Stephen L. Harris
    Arizona District
  • Supt. Jeffrey R. Hlavin
    Michigan District
  • Supt. J. Scott Holmes
    Louisiana District
  • Supt. Guy E. Fisher
    Iowa Ministry Network
  • Supt. Klayton Ko
    Hawaii District
  • Supt. Clemente Maldonado, Jr.
    Midwest Latin American District
  • Supt. Dennis W. Marquardt
    Northern New England District
  • Supt. Sergio Navarrete
    Southern Pacific District
  • Supt. Ivan de la Torre
    Distrito de Puerto Rico
  • Supt. Terrell R. Raburn
    Peninsular Florida District
  • Supt. Gilbert D. Olivarez
    Central District
  • Supt. Phillip B. Schneider
    Illinois District
  • Supt. Mark Dean
    Minnesota District
  • Supt. Gene Roncone
    Rocky Mountain Ministry Network
  • Supt. David Phillips
    Montana Ministry Network
  • Supt. Roy W. Welch III
    Alaska Ministry Network
  • Supt. William E. Wilson
    Oregon Ministry Network
  • Supt. Nicholas W. Fatato
    Southern New England Ministry Network

Church Extension Plan is organized and operated by member districts of the Assemblies of God.