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Church Extension Plan is a ministry providing premier financial and administrative services to the churches and districts of the Assemblies of God and their constituents, assisting them in fulfilling their vision of spreading the Gospel.

  • Your vision is valued.

    We believe that God has given unique vision to the Assemblies of God Church and its leaders. So unlike for-profit lenders, we evaluate passion and conviction alongside budgets and spreadsheets. We will equip you with quality financial resources to build, expand, remodel, relocate, or refinance and join you in pursuing God’s calling for your church. When you choose to work with CEP, you’re choosing more than just a lender, you’re choosing a partner in ministry.

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  • Your story is powerful.

    At CEP, we take the concept of “investing in ministry” literally. Since 1950, our investors have contributed more than $2 billion to fund thousands of ministry loans nationwide. And, although past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, no investor has ever lost money! By investing with CEP, you will not only reap the rewards of our competitive rates and flexible terms, you will also create opportunities for real world impact and ignite stories of ministry growth across the nation.

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  • Your future is abundant.

    No matter how we envision our retirement, history shows that most of us aren’t prepared to achieve those hopes and dreams. To help alter this reality and enable possibilities, we provide Traditional and Roth IRA options as well as a 403(b) plan for Assemblies of God ministries. While you gain income and tax benefits, ministries throughout America will also receive the financial support needed to thrive. Start planning for your future today, and, eventually, you’ll find you’ve funded more than your own future.

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  • Your legacy is lasting.

    Whether you’re rich or poor, you’ve been entrusted with much. So, on the day God calls you home, ensure that your earthly possessions are gifted to the people and ministries you love most. At CEP, we provide a wealth of resources and experienced professionals to help reach your will and estate planning goals. We also offer planned giving options so your legacy will not only influence family and friends, but it will propel ministries for years to come.

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  • “We’ve been with CEP for over 25 years. They’re more than just a partner. They’ve been almost like family to us.”

    Pastor Abner Adorno (Viva Church, Orlando, FL)

  • "CEP was the first lender that was interested in our story."

    Pastor Mike Burnette (LifePoint Church, Clarksville, TN)

  • "From the minute we met with CEP, they wanted to hear our story. They spoke life into us long before we sat down to talk about a loan."

    Pastor Jim Kautz (Texas City First Assembly of God, Texas City, TX)

  • “One of the differences with CEP is the relational component. It’s a partnership.”

    Stuart Calvert (Cedar Springs Camp, Lake Stevens, WA)

  • "We have arrived where we are today because of CEP."

    Roger Huang (San Francisco City Impact, San Francisco, CA)

In everything we do, our aim is to further the Kingdom.

  • Hope to Every Life

    Pastors Luis and Ruth Solero grew up in the slums of Manila in the Philippines. Ramshackle huts leaned on one another for support, slouching in shadows cast by towers of trash. The air was just as dense—clogged with car horns, the foul aroma of refuse, and the pitter patter of children racing through the streets, dirt latching to their heels as they ran…

  • A Culture of Prayer

    Bethany Tranby is a CEP employee who has always felt a strong passion for prayer. “I just think it’s a huge blessing for everyone,” she says. “I feel like we need to be a community that sees the power of prayer.” Eventually, Bethany discussed her conviction with CEP’s president, Peter Clements, who shared her enthusiasm for integrating prayer into the daily life of CEP…

  • Bound Now Free

    “I started with dirt bikes, in a little cow-town back in the olden days.” Tom “Flathead” Iddings, a 61-year-old, leather-clad biker with a rugged stance and a warm smile, was 11 years old when his love of motorcycles began. In his hometown of Foxborough, Massachusetts, Tom and his friends would spend their free time riding bikes in the woods nearby…

Why CEP?

CEP was founded in 1950
Our total assets exceed $550 million
We have worked with more than 20,000 investors that make ministry possible
We’ve funded over $2 billion of ministry
We have more than 3,000 ministry partners
We are 100% committed to building the Kingdom
We our customers.


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