Invest with Church Extension Plan to protect your resources, provide for your loved ones, and pursue the lost.

How it Works

How It Works Diagram

Every dollar invested with CEP is assigned a mission—to empower ministry by funding church loans across the country. So while your investment grows to benefit your family and future, it’s also used to enable Kingdom growth.

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How We’re Different

At CEP, our bottom-line is ministry. That’s why we offer a simple and straightforward investment process, so believers like you can accomplish your goals and equip passionate leaders to claim their communities for Christ. Whether you’re saving for your first home, a child’s graduation, or an organization’s building fund, you choose the investment amount, the term, and the interest payment schedule that fits your needs and wishes.

Partner with CEP and…

  • Choose your term—from 6 months to 5 years
  • Start with as little as $250
  • Earn a competitive rate
  • Add to your note whenever you like
  • Access your account anytime online
  • Receive outstanding personal service
  • Support ministries nationwide

Types of Investments

  • When you look ten or twenty years down the road, saving even an extra $10 a month can make a significant impact for you and your family. But when you invest with CEP, you get the added benefit of knowing your money is furthering the Gospel too.

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  • Maximize the growth of your building funds, revolving loan funds, and even reserve and endowment funds by investing with CEP. While your organization earns a competitive rate of return, they’ll also serve churches and ministries throughout the country.

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Meet the Team

No matter your unique situation, our ministry consultants walk with you and help you achieve your financial goals and propel Kingdom growth.
  • Rev. Jeremy Stamback

    Rev. Jeremy Stamback

  • Rev. Gene Haraldsen

    Rev. Gene Haraldsen

  • Rev. John P. Garcia

    Rev. John P. Garcia

  • Darren Mullenix

    Darren Mullenix

  • Rev. Carlos Rivera

    Rev. Carlos Rivera

Whoever is giving to CEP, just trust me when I say you are absolutely making an eternal, Kingdom difference.

Pastor Mike Burnette LifePoint Church, Clarksville, TN