Investment Options

Invest your 403(b) in the funds that best match your retirement goals.

Vision Fund

Investments in CEP’s Vision Fund are used to provide loans to Assemblies of God churches and ministries. The Vision Fund is currently offering a return of 3.5% APR and is reviewed quarterly. Read the Offering Circular carefully before investing.

Mutual Fund Options

Review the mutual funds by entering the symbol into any financial website. Read the fund prospectus(es) carefully before investing.

Large-Cap FundsSymbol
Vanguard Equity-Income Admiral (Active)VEIRX
Vanguard 500 Index Admiral (Index)VFIAX
T.Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth (Active)TBCIX
Parametric International Equity R6 (Active)ESISX
Vanguard Value Fnd Admirl Shares (Index)VVIAX
DFA US Large Company Fund Instl. (Active)DFUSX
Vanguard Growth Fund Admiral (Index)VIGAX
Schwab International Equity ETF (Index)SCHF
Mid-Cap FundsSymbol
Vanguard Mid Cap Admiral (Index)VIMAX
Touchstone Mid-Cap Fund (Active)TMCPX
Small-Cap FundsSymbol
BlackRock Advantage Small Cap (Active)BDSKX
Vanguard Small Cap Admiral (Index)VSMAX
Risk-Based Models
Inspire Global Very Conservative
Inspire Global Conservative
Inspire Global Moderate
Inspire Global Aggressive
Inspire Global Very Aggressive
Target Date Funds
HIS Envoys Faith-Based 2020
HIS Envoys Faith-Based 2030
HIS Envoys Faith-Based 2040
HIS Envoys Faith-Based 2050
HIS Envoys Faith-Based 2060
Faith-Based FundsSymbol
Praxis Impact Bond InstitutionalMIIIX
Steward Large Cap Enhd IndexSEECX
Inspire Global Hope ETFBLES
Praxis Value Index Fund IMVIIX
Praxis Growth Index FundMMDEX
Eventide Gilead Class IETILX
Inspire Small-Mid Cap ETFISMD
HIS Envoys Faith Based Equity Income
HIS Envoys Faith Based Div Growth
HIS Envoys Faith Based Growth
Income FundsSymbol
VALIC Fixed Interest
Vanguard Total Bond Market Adm (Index)VBTLX
Voya Intermediate Term Bond R6 (Active)IIBZX

For accounts invested solely in the Vision Fund with a balance of $2,000 or more, there is a $5 monthly fee.
For accounts invested in mutual funds offered through Envoy Advisory, Inc., there is a percentage-based fee of 0.0267% monthly (0.32% annually). Mutual Funds may also have additional underlying expenses. Refer to the fund prospectus for more information.