Church Loans

Unlike for-profit lenders, CEP works from a different angle. We see the potential of your ministry.

How it Works

How It Works Diagram

Every loan with CEP is backed by investments from men and women around the country. As their dollars expand to benefit their family and future, they also empower Assemblies of God churches to impact their communities for the Kingdom.

Additional Information

How We’re Different

At CEP, we see the potential for growth traditional lenders won’t notice. We understand the passion that drives your ministry and the outcome it produces in the Kingdom. So when we begin discussing loan options, we will weigh your vision alongside your budget. We’ll measure the value of your ministry in terms of lives changed and communities impacted. When you work with us, we’ll evaluate your church as a ministry, not a business.

Partner with CEP and receive…

  • Competitive, affordable interest rates
  • No personal guarantors
  • No balloon payments
  • No prepayment penalties
  • The ability to fund your church loan in phases

Types of Loans

  • New construction
  • Purchasing land
  • Improvements
  • Purchasing a building
  • Remodeling
  • Refinancing
  • And more!


Meet our Consultants

No matter your unique situation, our ministry consultants walk with you and help you achieve your financial goals and propel Kingdom growth.
  • Rev. Jeremy Stamback

    Rev. Jeremy Stamback

  • Rev. John P. Garcia

    Rev. John P. Garcia

  • Darren Mullenix, CFP®, ChFC®

    Darren Mullenix, CFP®, ChFC®

  • Rev. Josh Herndon

    Rev. Josh Herndon

  • Rev. Larry Carter

    Rev. Larry Carter

  • Rev. Kelly Dufour

    Rev. Kelly Dufour

  • Rev. Nick Alfaro

    Rev. Nick Alfaro

  • Rev. Ruben Mora

    Rev. Ruben Mora

I assure you we would not be where we are today if it had not been for CEP, and I don’t say that lightly.

Pastor Randy Cowart City Church, Auburn, AL