Invest & Retire

Managing your finances to make the best use of what God has given you.

  • Preparing Financially

    Too many pastors get to the last chapter of their career and aren’t prepared for the future outside of ministry. Learn how younger pastors should prepare now for retirement and what seasoned pastors need to do to prepare these next generation leaders.

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  • Estate Planning

    Most of us hear the word ‘estate’ and think it only applies to the wealthy. Darren Mullenix explains how estate planning is applicable to everyone and how you can use the 4 P’s to help determine how to start an estate plan.

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  • Where’s the Time Gone? – 5 Steps to Save for Retirement Today

    It may not surprise you to know that a large majority of Americans are unprepared for retirement. After all, many of us don’t feel any urgency surrounding our retirement until it’s right around the corner.

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  • 5 Retirement Realities

    While the average person plans to retire, he doesn’t always take the time to think through each step needed to reach that goal. With many aspects to consider, some important matters may fall by the wayside. Below are several considerations which should be remembered when planning for retirement…

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  • 5 Beneficiaries for Your Retirement Account

    When naming beneficiaries on a retirement account, the most popular options are spouse, non-spouse individuals (including children, grandchildren, or friends), trust, will or estate, or charity…

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