Online Offering Ideas

By now you’re swamped with information and advice and probably overwhelmed with figuring this whole thing out. I want to be quick and helpful. We’ve talked with hundreds of churches and many of them are seeing good results from their online offering moments. Here’s what they’re doing:

  • They are scripting their online offering moment — don’t wing it 
  • They never ask people to give without a story of what God is doing through their faithful giving
  • They are preparing people to give before the online service — a text, a slide prior to the online service that explains how to give online, etc.
  • They are precise — long appeals seem longer online 
  • They are making the offering moment an act of worship and not just an administrative task
  • The Pastor is letting people know that they are personally remaining consistent in their own giving
  • They are not forgetting those who want to give by check — send several stamped envelopes addressed to the church to people who are more comfortable giving by check — of course include a letter of thanks
By Phil Drost