NALEC Guidebook

As our national leaders begin discussions about reopening businesses nationwide, pastors will be seeking practical resources to help them reopen churches as well. The safety of staff and church members is a top concern. A well-designed and thorough plan for how the church reopens can give our congregants a sense of comfort. It will communicate that the church leadership has taken practical and methodical steps to safeguard the congregation and has trained the staff in best practice protocols.

My friends, Dr. Gabriel Salguero and his wife, Rev. Jeanette Salguero, have written a thoughtful guidebook with advice and processes to assist pastors across the United States as they prepare to reopen their churches. The Salgueros pastor at Calvario City Church, in Orlando, Florida. Dr. and Rev. Salguero are also the co-founders and co-leaders of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NALEC).

This guidebook will help you…

-Implement proper cleaning and disinfection procedures

-Develop detailed contact and communication protocols

-Prepare a safe environment for services and gatherings

-Provide pastoral care for vulnerable communities and senior citizens

-And more!

I hope and pray the resources and tips in Dr. & Rev. Salguero’s guidebook will help inform your leadership decisions as you prepare your church for a new season of growth and ministry.

-Carlos Rivera, Church Extension Plan

By National Latino Evangelical Coalition