Dreams Realized

Pastor Monty Sears

One of the many joys of being part of the Church Extension Plan (CEP) family is seeing God make dreams become reality. In 2016, we published a story in Partners magazine, an annual CEP publication, about Christian Faith Center (CFC) in Nampa, Idaho.

Beginning in 2006, Pastor Monty Sears helped expand the church from 300 people at one campus to over 4,000 across five campuses. With such rapid growth, refinancing became necessary, and CEP came along in the spring of 2013 and helped CFC save approximately $3,000 a month. Not only did this partnership enable Pastor Monty to manage CFC’s current growth, but it also freed him to pursue an even greater vision for CFC’s future. The article reads, “Pastor Monty’s goal is to expand Christian Faith Center to seven campuses — two outside Idaho and five within. He specifically hopes to plant a church in Boise within the next two years, recognizing the city’s need for God’s saving grace.”

Christian Faith Center – Boise Campus

On February 3, 2019, Christian Faith Center’s Boise Campus officially launched as CFC’s sixth campus.  This site has been averaging an attendance of over 250 per week and has witnessed more than 30 salvations as well as six baptisms! CFC Lead Pastor Jordan Hodges shares, “Church Extension Plan has been an incredible partner to us over the years. We have found them to be trusted partners in expanding the Kingdom through our local church.”

What a blessing and honor it is to see communities changed and dreams realized! We have no doubt that CFC will keep on dreaming and further their mission to “love people to life.”

Learn more about CFC and their Boise Campus here: https://www.experiencecfc.com/