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    Partners magazine is an annual CEP publication featuring inspirational stories of people and churches impacted by a partnership with our ministry. To read their stories, request your copy of Partners today!

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  • New Beginnings

    After nearly 70 years working with churches and organizations nationwide, Church Extension Plan (CEP) has repeatedly witnessed a demand for flexible financing options—for ministries who have a clear call to serve their community and need additional space to sustain their growth. In response, CEP launched its donor-driven ministry called New Growth Partners (NGP)…

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  • The Gospel Prevails

    No matter one’s culture or country, the message of the Gospel is profound. Pastors Edson and Elizabeth Dos Santos understand this truth better than most. They know that one’s status, language, history, and home may differ vastly from another’s, but the story of our Lord and His redeeming love holds the power to break down these barriers…

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  • Stories of Impact

    Each new ministry partnership with CEP affects countless lives across America, and it is a true privilege, for us and for our investors, to play a part in their stories. Johana, Candy, Juan, and Tony are only four individuals out of hundreds who’ve been impacted by our ministry partner, Comunidad Cristiana Internacional (CCI), which translates to International Christian Community…

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  • A Love for a City

    “You’ve been chosen to represent our school on a missions trip to New Orleans.” Wayne Northup, then a student at North Central University (NCU), struggled to conceal his excitement. Chosen. Even today, 20 years later, he can’t help but grin at the word. “I found out later they’d already asked 10 people,” he laughs…

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  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

    Originally, we were just going to the movies.” Lindsey Mann, now 28, pictures her awkward, 7th grade self with two friends from Ponchatoula, Louisiana—nearly an hour away from Lindsey’s home in New Orleans. The three tweens enjoyed frequent hangouts and sleepovers at Lindsey’s house on the weekends. But on this particular weekend, Lindsey invited another girl…

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  • 100 Years of Growth

    Across the country, from Comunidad Cristiana Internacional in Greenville, South Carolina, all the way to LifeHouse Church in Bakersfield, California, the Hispanic Church is growing rapidly. “In 1972, there were five Hispanic districts, including Puerto Rico,” says Rev. Dennis Rivera, director of the Assemblies of God Office of Hispanic Relations. “Now, in 2018, there are 14.”…

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  • “All In” Leadership

    In 2016, after 25 years of being bi-vocational—in roles including a teacher, principal, and superintendent of a public school district as well as an associate pastor, evangelist, and lead pastor—my wife, Linda, and I felt God prompting us into a transition from the known to the unknown…

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  • The Good Shepherd

    It all started at 1031 Dolores Street in Bakersfield, California. The year was 1965, and five young families crowded together in the kitchen of a two-bedroom home to learn about topics such as grammar, spelling, and Scripture. “Now you can imagine in a two-bedroom house just how big the kitchen is,” says the home-owner Ben Herrera, chuckling. “If you turn around, you’d better be careful or you’ll knock the dishes over!”…

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  • You Belong Here

    The church board stared at stacks of paper, heralding 135 qualified candidates. Their senior pastor announced his resignation in the early summer of 2014, and as soon as the word was out, resumes were in. As the board members rifled through documents detailing experience and education, they discovered an application from their youth pastor, Shane Hawkins…

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