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    Partners magazine is an annual CEP publication featuring inspirational stories of people and churches impacted by a partnership with our ministry. To read their stories, request your copy of Partners today!

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  • The Original Ministry Consultant – Remembering the Life and Legacy of Rev. Donald E. Annas

    As a former Oregonian, Rev. Donald Annas was familiar with the name “Church Extension Plan.” So in 1952, when his own church in Manteca, California, needed a loan to expand, Don packed his bags and prepared for a road trip up the coast…

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  • Where’s the Time Gone? 5 Steps to Save for Retirement Today

    It may not surprise you to know that a large majority of Americans are unprepared for retirement. After all, many of us don’t feel any urgency surrounding our retirement until it’s right around the corner. However, according to the Federal Reserve’s “Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2017 – May 2018,” “even among non-retirees in their 50s and 60s, one in eight lacks any retirement savings and less than half think their retirement savings are on track.”*…

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  • Hope to Every Life

    Pastors Luis and Ruth Solero grew up in the slums of Manila in the Philippines. Ramshackle huts leaned on one another for support, slouching in shadows cast by towers of trash. The air was just as dense—clogged with car horns, the foul aroma of refuse, and the pitter patter of children racing through the streets, dirt latching to their heels as they ran. Luis and Ruth had no reason to think their lives would, or could, ever change. But even then, God had a plan…

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  • A Culture of Prayer

    Bethany Tranby is a CEP employee who has always felt a strong passion for prayer. “I just think it’s a huge blessing for everyone,” she says. “I feel like we need to be a community that sees the power of prayer.” Eventually, Bethany discussed her conviction with CEP’s president, Peter Clements, who shared her enthusiasm for integrating prayer into the daily life of CEP. “We’ve been praying for customers and coworkers since before I started working here,” says Bethany, “but Peter has definitely made a deliberate effort to encourage a culture of prayer in the workplace.”…

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  • Bound Now Free

    “I started with dirt bikes, in a little cow-town back in the olden days.” Tom “Flathead” Iddings, a 61-year-old, leather-clad biker with a rugged stance and a warm smile, was 11 years old when his love of motorcycles began…

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  • A Church of Nations

    Even at its start in 1992, Viva Church operated with a question at its core. How do we meet the needs of our community? “In the early nineties, a group of older Latinos gathered together to pray for people who had a need,” says Pastor Abner Adorno…

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  • New Beginnings

    After nearly 70 years working with churches and organizations nationwide, Church Extension Plan (CEP) has repeatedly witnessed a demand for flexible financing options—for ministries who have a clear call to serve their community and need additional space to sustain their growth…

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  • The Gospel Prevails

    No matter one’s culture or country, the message of the Gospel is profound. Pastors Edson and Elizabeth Dos Santos understand this truth better than most. They know that one’s status, language, history, and home may differ vastly from another’s, but the story of our Lord and His redeeming love holds the power to break down these barriers…

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  • Stories of Impact

    Each new ministry partnership with CEP affects countless lives across America, and it is a true privilege, for us and for our investors, to play a part in their stories. Johana, Candy, Juan, and Tony are only four individuals out of hundreds who’ve been impacted by our ministry partner, Comunidad Cristiana Internacional (CCI), which translates to International Christian Community…

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