A Culture of Prayer

Bethany Tranby is a CEP employee who has always felt a strong passion for prayer. “I just think it’s a huge blessing for everyone,” she says. “I feel like we need to be a community that sees the power of prayer.” Eventually, Bethany discussed her conviction with CEP’s president, Peter Clements, who shared her enthusiasm for integrating prayer into the daily life of CEP. “We’ve been praying for customers and coworkers since before I started working here,” says Bethany, “but Peter has definitely made a deliberate effort to encourage a culture of prayer in the workplace.”

Today, this culture of prayer is evident throughout the office. There is now a prayer room with comfortable furniture and a large whiteboard where staff members can list the prayer needs of customers, family, and friends. Prayer concerns and praises are also posted on a corporate intranet. Many staff members even place notecards with customers’ prayer requests in their cubicles. “God has blessed us with the ability to help people financially, but praying for one another is the heart of what we do,” says Bethany. “We’re partners in ministry, not just partners in finance.”

In recent publications, we have also included prayer requests from our ministry partners:
• “More chairs, as we’re growing now and possibly going to two services.” –Pastor Shane Hawkins, Pekin, Illinois
• “Our mission trips, that we would be a blessing to the nations.” –Pastor Will Klier, Davis, California
• “Pray that we will reach more lives for Christ.” –Pastor Edson Dos Santos, Greenville, South Carolina
With this magazine, we’ve taken it a step further by adding a tear-off card that lists the prayer requests mentioned in this issue and includes space for you to write your own. Our hope is that you will place this card on your fridge or use it as a book-mark and that it will be a source of encouragement and inspiration to you.

Thank you for your partnership and for taking this additional step to support our church and ministry partners.