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Leadership Perspective

Refocus on Leadership Fundamentals - Back to Basics

The key to effective leadership is not some new jazzy idea to reach and lead millennials. It is true for all groups. Rev. Patrick L. Clements refocuses our attention on...

Rev. Patrick L. Clements

Growth Tools

Why the Best Leaders are Great Followers

Michael Hyatt examines the fact that if you want to be a great leader, you must first become a great follower. He also states that history’s worst leaders never learned...

Michael Hyatt

5 Retirement Realities

Five frequently overlooked factors to consider when preparing for retirement....

Stewardship Principles

Now What?: Leading from Here to There

Bob Seymore presents material from Bill Hybels video study called Leading from Here to There: 5 Essential Skills including information on Building a Fantastic Culture....

Bob Seymore

A Healthy Heart Toward Tithing

The topic of tithing and how to inspire a heart of giving in your church body....

Rev. Patrick L. Clements

Plan for Financial Success

Learn how to build a secure financial future through these savings tips....

5 Healthy Spending Habits for Couples

Prevent financial issues from harming your marriage by adopting healthy habits....

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