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Use our budget planning calculator to review your ministry's finances

Use our free budget planning tool to see where your ministry stands today and how to grow into the future.

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“Church Extension Plan understands church planning. They are a ministry-based financial institution.”
– Rev. Jim Bennett
We know a successful ministry is a financially sound ministry. We’re here to help you evaluate, plan and manage your finances to keep your ministry healthy and growing.

Questions about financing your growing ministry? Contact us. We're dedicated to helping ministries grow to build the Kingdom.
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Fulfilling your vision begins with a plan

While many of us have a calling to serve the Lord, not all pastors feel the same enthusiasm when it comes to financial stewardship for a busy ministry. As pastors, we understand how overwhelming it can be to bring your vision for growth into reality.

We have the tools and know-how to help. With more than 60 years walking alongside ministers like you, we can help simplify those initial planning steps, so you can set and reach your goals faster.

A healthy budget: 30/30/30

After analyzing hundreds of church budgets, we’ve learned that healthy budgets tend to allocate finances between theses 3 key areas: 30% for administration, 30% for facility expenses, and 30% for ministry expenses (which leaves a 10% variable for needed adjustments). These 30-30-30 percentages are a guide. 

Use our no-obligation, online Church Budget Worksheet to see where your ministry's finances stand today, what opportunities exist, and what you'll need to confidently lead your ministry's growth.

Let's get started

To get the most out of the worksheet, first gather the following financial information about your ministry. Please note that this information will be used for calculation purposes only, and will not be captured or retained by Church Extension Plan.

To simplify the process, download our worksheet to fill in the blanks before using our online tool.

Gather this financial information:
General Ministry Expenses, such as:
• Christian Education
• Youth
• Adult
• Outreach
• Utilities
• Telephone
• Ministry Vehicles
• Special Events
• Advertising
• Office Supplies and Equipment
• Maintenance
• Guests
• Miscellaneous
General Facility Expenses, including:
• Mortgage / Lease
• Insurance
• Building Maintenance
• Equipment
• Parsonage Expense
• Unrelated Income Tax Liability
• Property Tax
• Other
General Administrative Expenses, including:
• All Salaries
• Housing Reimbursements
• Retirement
• Insurance
• Taxes and FICA
• Pastoral Vehicle
• Reimbursements
• Workers' Compensation

• Other

NOTE: You’ll also need your ministry's Projected Annual Income

Start the worksheet

  • Open the online Church Budget Planning Worksheet.
I have questions about what I need, or I’d like help interpreting my results. Please contact me.

Enter your information below, and see how balanced your current budget is. Or experiment, and try to find a more balanced budget. You can also download a printable .pdf of this budget worksheet.

Anything you enter into this tool stays private. None of your data is stored or submitted.


Projected Annual Income

income per month.

(30% total income per month)

(30% total income per month)

(30% total income per month)

(Total of 3 Key Components)

(10% Adjustable Tool)


Administrative Costs

Monthly Annual


Facility Expenses

Monthly Annual


Ministry Expenses

Monthly Annual





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