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Your donation will not only empower ministries once, but it will be used over and over and over...

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“We’re looking for the seven-day-a-week ministry—those churches that are out there impacting people's lives, making inroads into the real needs of the community.”
Rev. Patrick L. Clements
Former President, Church Extension Plan
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We're a ministry, not a bank

For over 65 years, Church Extension Plan has served churches, pastors, individuals, and more by providing financial tools and resources to build the Kingdom of God.

In 2010, we expanded our ministry for the purpose of meeting new, unmet needs in America's cities and proving financial services in a different way. We call it New Growth Partners.

Donations buy a building 

New Growth Partners is a unique ministry of CEP which uses donated dollars to help churches and ministries all across America by meeting a single, vital need—the need for a facility.

First, NGP purchases a building on the ministry’s behalf, then leases it back to the ministry at a low rate. Gradually, over three to five years, the payments increase until the ministry is able to afford monthly mortgage payments. At the end of those few years, the ministry is able to purchase their building from CEP and the money is used for the next ministry, then the next, then the next...

Continued partnership

The partnership with each innovative ministry doesn't stop there. We want to make sure they succeed and thrive, so we stand ready to support their continued growth and expansion with traditional financing or other financial know-how.