Invest for the future

Investing to grow the Kingdom

Invest for your family and for the future—while you support Assemblies of God ministries across the country.

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You can start investing in ministry with just $250.Invest today!

Put your money to work

Whether you’re saving for a home, opening a note for a grandchild, building a fund for education, managing ministry accounts, or just being a good steward of God's blessings, when you invest with CEP your money will be put to work.

Your investment will earn a good rate, which will help it grow faster and work for your future. In addition, it will also be used to support growing Assemblies of God ministries around the country.

How will you invest?

Choose from an Access note for short-term goals or a 5-year fixed term note to maximize your earnings. Your reserve fund, education fund, savings for a house, or ministry endowment fund will all help to build the Kingdom.

Get started today

Although past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, no investor has ever lost money in our 65 year history.

Start now to build for the future, for your family, and for the Kingdom of God. 

Investments consist of promissory notes and are not bank deposits or saving accounts. They are not insured by the FDIC. This is not an offer to sell our securities to you and we are not soliciting you to buy our securities. We will offer and sell our securities only in states where authorized. The offering is made solely by our OFFERING CIRCULAR.