Plan your gifts

Plan your gifts to the Kingdom today

Consider including a gift to Church Extension Plan as part of your estate plan.

Part of leaving a meaningful legacy is to help others.

When you’ve been careful with your finances and saved for the future, it feels good to be able to use some of your wealth to grow the Kingdom, raise up others in need, or create lasting benefits for those in ministry.

You can create a lasting legacy of supporting ministry by leaving a planned gift to Church Extension Plan. Your gift will be used to support our New Growth Partners program, which is supporting 7-day-a-week ministries throughout the country.

Planned Gift Options

There are many planned gift options available to you. Some are simple and some can be a little more complicated. Structuring your gift thoughtfully can expand your giving power while reducing tax burdens. In addition, some gifts can provide income for you during your life or benefit family members after your death.

Learn more about your gift options. Or, if you’d like more information by mail, contact us to receive an information packet on Planned Giving.