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Share the love of Christ in your community. Our Partners Plus loan program will help your ministry grow.

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“…they were there so we could take the next step in the ministry we felt God was calling us to.”
 - Pasco (Pat) and Mary Ann Manzo
Run for Freedom Ministry

Planning a building project?

If you’re ready to remodel, build or expand, download our guidelines to a building project. We’ve recommended steps and procedures to ensure a smooth running project.


Partners Plus: Church financing for growing ministries

Flexible financing through the Partners Plus loan plan is an ideal way to expand your Assembly of God ministry and accomplish your vision. Our unique financing program is based on stewardship and allows you to receive the best loan for your church.

How is Partners Plus different from bank financing?

Your church is evaluated as a ministry, not a business. We see the potential for growth traditional lenders won’t notice. With our unique program, we'll work with you to unlock the strength of your congregation. Your ministry will then qualify for the best loan terms, making your financing more affordable over the long run.

The Partners Plus loan program offers:
  • Affordable interest rates
  • No personal guarantors
  • No balloon payments and no prepayment penalties
  • The ability to fund your church loan in phases—make payments only on the amount borrowed at each stage of your project. This keeps your initial payments lower.

Rely on our financial know-how and partnership

We will use our 65 years of experience and expertise to help you select the right building for your congregation. We will help you understand the financials and the pre-qualification process.

Tell us the vision you have for your ministry. We’re here to serve you.