Help your church grow

Buying a certificate helps your church grow

The Partners Plus certificate helps your church realize its vision for growth. Your church can be a good financial steward of its resources, now and for the future.

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Our church was needing to expand to keep up with the growing congregation. We would not have been able to complete our project without the help of Church Extension Plan
Pastor Bill Gallaher,
Peoples Church, Salem, OR

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Spread the Gospel

Every Assembly of God ministry has a vision to grow, reach more people, and spread the Gospel.

Church Extension Plan's unique church financing program, Partners Plus, uses certificates to support loans to growing ministries like yours.

Support your church’s vision

When you buy a Partners Plus certificate to support your church’s goals, you support your congregation and your pastor's vision.

You and other members of your church are working together, making small financial sacrifices today to build the financial health of your Assemblies of God church over the long run.

Reduce church expenses

Every certificate purchased helps to reduce the interest rate your church pays on the loan—thereby reducing loan payments and other expenses.

In addition, purchasing a certificate helps you put just a little more money away for the future—and we all should do that more often.

Give again in 20 years

You have another chance to give even more. When your certificate matures in 20 years at 150% of its value, you can gift it back to your church. Your church receives the income, and you may receive a tax benefit.