Stories of Transformation

Coastal Church in Daphne, Alabama

Everything we do is to help churches, families, and individuals thrive.  Read below about how CEP has helped Coastal Church.

First, they called a country club “home.” Next, it was an elementary school gym. Finally, Pastor Chad Stafford found the perfect property for his two-year-old ministry. With the financial backing of Church Extension Plan, Coastal Church now has a true place to call “home,” empowering them to give, serve, and grow.

A Heart for Daphne 

After a stress-induced heart attack at the age of 34, Pastor Chad knew something needed to change. Though he was leading a growing church at the time, Chad’s heart attack was only the beginning of God’s blatant call on his life to move back home to Daphne, Alabama, and plant a church.

“Kicked into Destiny” 

Though Pastor Chad was confident as to where God was leading him, the series of events that followed seemed to imply otherwise. After establishing Coastal Church in a golf club in Daphne, Pastor Chad discovered that the country club was planning to close; then shortly after the church relocated to an elementary school auditorium, the principal requested they leave so he could reobtain the space. “We haven’t been kicked out of our house,” Pastor Chad encouraged his staff. “We’ve been kicked into our destiny. God’s got something for us.”

Pastor Chad was right. Eventually, they found the perfect property with an especially low asking price. When every bank they approached for a loan frowned at the church’s young age, Pastor Chad turned to God for guidance yet again. “God, I just need someone to believe in us.” A colleague recommended Church Extension Plan, and Pastor Chad made the call. “I spoke with [CEP’s] Jeremy [Stamback], and it was kind of like, ‘Yeah we can do that,’” he says. “It more than floored us.” Coastal Church purchased the facility at a miraculous price and made it home.

Giving and Growing 

In 2012, 260 people gave their hearts to the Lord at Coastal Church, and Sunday attendance had grown to more than 600. In February 2013, the ministry dedicated its newly constructed children’s facility, enabling them to serve even more families. Now, Pastor Chad has big plans to enrich his children and youth programs, bring more financial education to his congregation, and especially continue giving to community and foreign missions. In fact, on Coastal Church’s “Giveaway Sunday,” where the ministry contributes its entire weekly offering, Pastor Chad is planning to collect enough to feed, clothe, and medically assist 150,000 children in Calcutta, India. “This is all stuff that is not supposed to be happening in such a young church,” he says. “God has blessed us because we’ve given it away. I’m amazed at what God has built.”